Friday, July 4, 2008


Of the four members of Deep Puddle Dynamics (in my opinion, one of the most talented hip-hop collectives of all time), Doseone was probably my least favorite. This was, of course, until I heard the new record from his main project, Subtle. ExitingARM is one of the few hip-hop records that I've gotten ahold of this year that renewed my waning interest in the genre. While Doseone is the main emcee in Subtle, the group is actually a sextet, consisting of both electronic and traditional instruments, which is really what makes Subtle stand out head and shoulders above many of the hip-hop albums released this year. Dabbling in experimental, indie, metal, and progressive fueled sections, the instrumental members of Subtle really provides a lot of variety to back Doseone's fast, intelligent, and poly-rhythmic rhymes. Definitely worth a listen, and one album that I can definitely see sitting towards the top of my year end favorites list come December.

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