Sunday, July 6, 2008

Maps & Atlases-You and Me and the Mountain

While I hate to post too many like-artists up on this blog at one time, given the complete lack of entries (and coincidentally, lack of readers), I felt a little bit of hesitation in posting this next recommendation, for fear that most readers would think I'm some sort of post-rock/math-rock nerd. Regardless of that, Maps & Atlases most recent ep, You and Me and the Mountain, the follow up to their acclaimed 2006 EP Trees, Swallows, Houses, has come out of nowhere to shoot right to the top of my current digs list. The list of improvements in Maps & Atlases sound is long and winding, but all very necessary to become a band that was more than an interesting gimmick for me. The major difference is evident in that this is no longer the loopy, goofy, ridiculously technical M&A of yesteryear. The technicality has been scaled back just enough for solid songwriting to develop, instead of the technicality being used as a crutch for the lacking composition skills from the group. Also, vocalist Dave Davison has finally toned down his completely ridiculous vocals to the point where I can somewhat enjoy what's coming out of his lopsided gob. Regardless, You and Me and the Mountain has become both a pleasant surprise for me, and a complete step in the right direction for the fledgling band. Cheers to graduating to the big leagues.

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